For Renew & Heal Meditation: Releasing The Chaos: "Thank you so much for the wonderful recording. We truly enjoyed it. It was different than some of the other meditation recordings available. The visualization of releasing our burdens to be carried away really helped. We look forward to listening to it time and time again.💞 " 

– Dave and Wendy Williams

 "This past weekend I attended Lisa's class, How to Attract Clients with Creative Business Writing. I was so impressed with Lisa's knowledge and her enthusiasm. She was able to explain things in such an effective way. We all left the class feeling good about ourselves and our ability. Lisa is an authentic teacher! Take one of her classes and feel your own juices flow."

​-  Deborah Towle McDonald O'Brien

 "Lisa is a very compassionate teacher. She leads with her heart!"

- JoAnne Young

 "How to Attract Clients with Creative Business Writing was a great class. I learned the advantages of having a newsletter and the 6 questions to include in all my writings. I left with useful and constructive information."

-Frank DeStefano Owner, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher at New Century Healing Arts

 After attending Lisa's, How to Attract Clients with Creative Business Writing Class, "I learned the importance of connecting within and sharing my experiences which allows me to connect to potential business prospects."

- Amanda Spittell   

 "I had an angel card reading from Lisa. It has really put things into perspective for me and has given me comfort. Thank you Lisa."

- Chris Mortimer 

 "I attended Lisa's consistent writers class this past weekend. I learned so much about myself and got great tips on how to break away from writers block and to be consistent with my writing. Lisa is truly passionate about her work and a wonderful teacher!"

- JoAnn Kiley Krall

 "I participated in a New Year's manifesting class with Lisa. It was a pleasant couple of hours spent with like-minded people working/playing at laying the groundwork for our desires and goals. Lisa was an organized and thoughtful leader. Her connection to the angels and spirit is balanced by her grounded, gentle nature. I felt supported... and had fun!"

- Debra Bloom

 "I can't thank you enough for the reading today, Lisa! I now have the tools to move  beyond my grief with much needed healing. The angel messages were right on track and very enlightening!"

- Michelle Dawnn, CTACC Visionary Coach, Author & Mapping Expert 

 "I attended one of Lisa's "Writing with Spirit" sessions. Lisa was incredibly supportive in my writing efforts the day I attended her session. Her encouragement to write with spirit has helped me tremendously. I am looking forward  to attending more sessions with Lisa this year."

-Wendy Juergens An entrepreneur at   heart, experienced business builder with expertise in sales and marketing.

 "Attending Lisa's seminar on "How to Attract Clients with Creative Business Writing" was a fantastic experience. After years of creative writing for personal enjoyment, I  have found it hard to bring that same creativity into my more mundane work writing. Lisa reinforced the importance of connecting with the reader through genuineness and made suggestions on how to bring your personality into that writing."

 - Faye Weiner-Jackson, Attorney

 "Lisa is an intuitive, caring and insightful guide on life's journey. I have attended  several of her creative and thought provoking workshops. I recommend her highly to  all helpers and artists."

- Carol C.