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CONNecting Empathic Helpers & Artists to Spirit

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Lisa Hutchison works for sensitive, caring souls who often feel drained after their helping efforts find practical ways to refill and recharge their energy. She helps you assert yourself, set boundaries and increase your coping skills. Her specialty is decreasing stress, anxiety and depression while increasing realistic methods of self- care for those who help others so you are not only surviving but shining.

Although, she has been called "the therapist's therapist," she works with all sensitive and compassionate healing professionals.(coaches, massage therapists, healers, nurses, doctors and even a few lawyers) As a licensed mental health counselor, intuitive psychotherapist, certified angel card reader and empath, she delivers therapeutic and spiritual messages with compassion whether it is angel readings or counseling sessions. You can relax in Lisa's company as she provides quality assistance, professionalism and a healthy sense of humor. Your sensitivity is a gift that Lisa honors.  

Lisa is an #1 international bestselling co-author who works for writers who want to get their message heard. She offers thought provoking writing coaching sessions, monthly writer's support groups and creative writing skill classes. Her writing is published in 2 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the #1 Bestselling Unleash Your Inner Magnificence and the #1 International Bestselling 365 Ways to Connect with your Soul & 365 Life Shifts books. 

Lisa Hutchison is a licensed mental health counselor, intuitive psychotherapist,  certified angel card reader and writing coach. Offering 1:1 private sessions in person and by phone to various parts of the world. 

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